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The Case for Colored Printer Ink

Imagine you are in a rush and need something important printed urgently. Maybe it is a map worksheet for your students, your temporary driver’s license before your new card arrives in the mail, or an anatomy diagram for your class to be able to visualize the circulatory system, including the heart, veins, arteries, and lungs. You run to the office printer or the teacher’s lounge only to find that the printing in color is not an option. You know that black and white will not do, so you decide it is time to talk to your administrators or office manager. They express sympathy but maintain that colored ink is not a luxury they are willing to or can provide. They tell you that the demand does not justify the cost. You are forced to find a stand-alone shop that can print your documents in color.

Scenarios such as these are not just hypothetical. They happen each and every day in office buildings and schools across the United States. However, most businesses report that the actual need for color printing has not seen a decrease in their workplaces over the past few years. While there has not necessarily been a significant increase either, many workers expect the need will go up in the future. As new generations of workers come up and replace the current workforce, it is time to reconsider the ways that color printing can be done in workplaces. Inkjet technology does not require expensive toner cartridges, waste containers, and more. They also are less prone to jams and expensive service costs. Overall, inkjet printers are an excellent way to bring color into your place of work and ensure that the needs for color printing are met.

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